A feed structure with international standard

To meet all the Expo Center Norte structure, Levy Restaurants customized a unique portfolio with solutions that ensure variety, convenienceand mainly an delicious experience gastronomical, only and unforgettable


There are 4 Restaurantes with capacity to receive until 1.500 people simultaneously.


  • Buffet Brazilian Gastronomy
  • Buffet Brazilian Gastronomy with Grill & Pasta option

Mobile Structures

The promoters can count with mobile structures to meet their needs from your events. to compose the square and food environments, the clients have the option the concept of containers and foodbikes

  • Granno
    Coffe Shop with cold and hot drinks, cheese bread, baked and fried snacks

  • SP Burgers &Dogs
    Traditional and tasty sandwiches

  • Delicioso!
    Whole sandwiches, salads and juices
    Temaki, Pizza, Mexicano, Risoto, Cervejaria, Doces


  • Foodbikes position and strategy located to attempt the costumers, offering:
    Ice Cream
    Choop or Beer
    Nuts & Candies
    Acai Berry and Fruit

Solutions for exhibitors

Trading on advance purchase voucher restaurants. This is one more option to the comfort and convenience for exhibitors to enjoy the restaurants in a fast and with excellence in products and services.

Solutions assemblers

An exclusive and balanced menu to that assemblers have a fantastic meal in comfort of Expo Center Norte, optimizing the time of service and assemblers. This option is perfect to assembly and dismantling of fairs and major events


Welcome Coffe, Breakfast, Coffe Break, Brunch, Lunch, Business Lunch, cocktail, Dinner

VIP Rooms

For customers who wish to have exclusivity to bring together a select group in a private place. Allows business lunches, dinners and cocktail parties for groups up to 120 in buffet format.

Services for Convention Center

It offers options that meet the needs of each client, seeking the solution and the ideal format, ensuring quality and excellence in products and service.
- Welcome coffee, Breakfast, Coffee break, Brunch, Lunch, Business lunch, cocktail, dinner

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