Always committed to the security of its clients, shopkeepers, collaborators and partners, Expo Center Norte is developing a series of measures of environmental management in its premises in order to guarantee the extraction of the methane gas detected below the enterprise floor. The actions have been implemented without any loss or risk situation for the mall and its goers. The measures started with the operational start-up of 11 drains, integrated to ten vacuum machines, in strategic areas of the enterprise, to extract the methane gas below the concrete floor, what happened in the beginning of October. The initiative is part, inclusive, of the Conduct Adjustment Term (CAT) signed by the Public Ministry and Cetesb
On October 6, Expo Center Norte was visited by the city authorities and Cetesb and Secretary of Green and Environment technicians for an inspection in all the works in progress, confirming the compliance with the safety regulations.
Expo Center Norte also performs daily monitoring of the methane below its floor and also in all its premises (stores, restrooms and common spaces), to guarantee the site security. Besidesthat, additional environmental studies are being conducted, according to the schedule presented to Cetesb.