Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 | Vila Guilherme | Zip Code: 02055-000 - São Paulo - SP
Administration Phone (11) 2089-8500 | CAS (11) 2224-5959 | eventos@expocenternorte.com.br

Period of 12h

Touring vehicles: R$ 50,00*
Buses and Minibuses: R$ 100,00*
Motorcycles: R$ 25,00*

*Other/fraction: R$ 5,00

Withdrawal period: 15 minutes.

Total area: 98.000 m² of constructed area, 75.758 m² of area for exhibitions.

5 pavilions: Blue (14.190 m²), White (17.042 m²), Green (17.310 m²), Red (19.077 m²), Yellow (8.139 m²). Independent entrance to each pavilion. 10 loading and unloading accesses.

Convention Center: 22 rooms with the total capacity for 4,500 people simultaneously, with the optional utilization of all areas.

Lobby: 4562 m² with registration areas, presidency, caex (Exhibitor call center), information center, among other resources. Possibility of realization of 5 fairs and 22 events simultaneously. Central air conditioning in all pavilions and convention center.

  • Reserved seats
  • Exclusive vacancies and wheelchair access
  • Restrooms totally adapted
  • Visual signalization in Braille
  • Tactile demarcation on the floors for the orientation of the visually impaired
  • Adapted drinking fountains

  • Internal telephony station, maintenance and phone line leasing
  • Extension Direct Dial (DDR)
  • Dedicated Data Line (SLDD)
  • Multilink Services for voice usage, data and images
  • Broadband internet: IP network
  • Services for data communication
  • Optical backbone with endings in category 6
  • Technical Suspended platforms, dispensing the use of raised floors
  • Technical channels on the floor with water and sewer system
  • Compressed air supply potential
  • Flexibility of hydraulics and electrical installation (26.000 KVAS)
  • Electric charge 380v Three-phase / 220v Mono-phase

  • Background music system in all the pavilions and convention center
  • 2 public elevators
  • 6 escalators
  • Foyer for coffee break
  • Information Center
  • 10 independent entrances for loading and unloading spread throughout the pavilions
  • Capacity for 4.500 people simultaneously in the Convention Center

  • Emergency generators
  • Smoke detectors in all the Pavilions and Convention Center
  • Access to Medical Clinic
  • Fireproof emergency flame trap, flame retardants and anti smoke
  • Fire-fighting system with sprinklers in all areas
  • Lockers
  • 2 service elevators
  • Emergency lights
  • EAP video (Emergency Action Plan)

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Food and beverages (F&B), audio visual, assembly, security, cleaning and fire brigade


Exclusive and free for guests at Novotel São Paulo Center Norte for transportation to enterprises at Center Norte City.


    TES Cenografia is the leader in Brazil in scenography and visual communication with tensioned fabric printed in large formats for fairs and events.
    Contact: comercial.centernorte@r1audiovisual.com.br


    It offers the most diverse audiovisual solutions, such as projection, sound, lighting, retractable screens, televisions, computing, filming and simultaneous transmission, as well as operational support.
    Contact: comercial.centernorte@r1audiovisual.com.br


  • Alphaplug
    Alphaplug has a team with more than 29 years of experience amassed in infrastructure in events, in the areas of electrical installations, hydraulics, compressed air and leasing of generator sets and equipments.
    Contact: manoel.costa@alphaplug.com.br / phone no. 11 4191-0678 / 0818

  • Engeve
    With a working philosophy aiming at the safety of its collaborators, the quality of its services and sustainability, it has earned and scored its name among the best companies which offer electrical infrastructure for fairs and promotional events, shows and others.
    Contact: amadeu@engeve.com.br / phone no. 11 4538-3464

  • Techouse
    Tech House is specialized in the provision of all services involved in conducting an event. With experience accumulated in 27 years in the job, it aims to offer all the technical and management infrastructure necessary to the promotion of business fairs, congresses, symposiums, seminars and business meetings of any kind.
    Contact: Rita Figueiredo / ritafigueiredo@i-techhouse.com.br / phone no. 11 4153-5015 / 1344

  • Brasanitas
    Brasanitas Limpeza e Conservação is recognized as market leader for having implemented for 53 years, a planning of activities that prioritizes the use of equipment and innovative products. Over those decades, it has become a specialist in meeting the needs of different segments.
    Contact: Munique Moreira / phone no. 11 2879-5700 / 11 7787-86550/ ID 100*149758 São Paulo Branch-PBK


  • Novotel Center Norte
    Novotel São Paulo Center Norte has three towers with five floors each and its own parking lot with valet service. There are 344 apartments divided between standard and suite categories. There are four apartments for the physically disabled and 315 apartments for non-smokers on exclusive floors.
    Contact: Silene / h2992-sm@accor.com.br / phone no. 11 2224-4000


  • Expo Telecom
    Telephony and Internet Services
    Contact: mhdalmeida@sercom.com.br / phone no. 0800-127-368