The Center North City (CNC) Sustainability Area works to ensure that all activities of CNC's projects follow the concept of an organized, safe and sustainable city.
We strive to make CNC a benchmark in quality of life and innovation by promoting access to quality consumption, health, education, culture, leisure and entertainment through smart endeavors that respect the people and the environment in the North Zone.

Our compromise

We recognize that our decisions and activities affect our stakeholders, so we are committed to adopting corporate sustainability as a fundamental management premise in our business.

How do we do it?

Through the Elo Program, which brings together all CNC's sustainability initiatives, we connect enterprises, customers, tenants and partners in a chain, aiming the adoption of more sustainable attitudes in the day to day business.

We develop our actions based on the three pillars of the program:

Planet: water efficiency, energy efficiency, material efficiency and Zero Waste project

Governance and Business

People: Actions of employee engagement, welfare, stakeholder mobilization and community

The Center North Institute actions are included in the People pillar and are focused on improving the quality of life and income of residents of the North Zone of the city of São Paulo and those actions aims to contribute increasingly to the personal and professional development of residents, as well as to the implementation of solutions and innovations in social actions aimed at making the North Zone more sustainable.

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