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How to prepare a Business Round?

A quick meeting model can bring even more value to the corporate event.

One of the possibilities to further expand the business and make contacts and good negotiations at fairs and events is the Business Rounds, but do you know this format and how it can benefit your event? The Business Round is able to facilitate connections, help to expand the network of contacts and, consequently, the possibilities of success in organizations.

That’s because, on a daily basis, it is often difficult to contact the right people and who make the decisions in the companies where people need them. Because of this, offering a Business Round at your event can be a very competitive differential.

What is a Business Round?

A Business Roundtable is an event with the participation of representatives of several companies and possible buyers, where connections are made that can lead to the closing of contracts on the same day or later.

The meetings have the main objective of offering opportunities for new partnerships and bringing together companies and suppliers. At the site, several corporate representatives are concentrated to hold quick meetings on the same day, which would take up to months to happen at the normal pace.

How does a business roundtable work?

The name round is not for nothing, since the participants sit at tables arranged in a hall, available for the possible interested parties to pass and hold the meeting, which, on average, lasts 15 minutes. A nearby screen or an assistant shows the time available for the meeting, and when the time is up, the meeting ends and another person sits at the table.

The events end up being used to present new possibilities for franchises, brand licenses, company partnerships, investors, financing, associations, among others. The most common is that two types of corporations participate in the rounds: anchor companies and participating companies.

Anchor companies are medium and large companies, from the service and industry segments, invited by the organizing companies that need certain products or services.

The participating companies, which can be from any segment: commerce, industry or services, are those that are looking to develop new businesses or attract new customers.

As we discussed at the beginning of the text, entrepreneurs find it difficult to reach decision-makers in organizations, especially when it comes to a small company that competes with larger organizations.

With the rounds, it is possible to get in touch with people that, under normal conditions, the entrepreneur might not be able to, reducing barriers such as the incompatibility of agendas or the corporation’s own hierarchy.

Consider the Business Rounds at your next events. Here at Expo Center Norte we have conference rooms, technology and all the necessary structure for your event. Invest in new formats and promote your business. For questions or to learn more about the model, visit:

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