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Tips and important topics for planning your 2021 event

To define steps and keep a good organization are simple measures that help the conduction of an event.

To think of the event is not an easy task and requires caution and a lot of planning so you can have the desired results when it is over, and allows you to have it again the next year. That is why, today we would like to highlight important aspects that should be considered at the time of the event and assures good results.

To begin with a good planning, the main aspect is the organization and it is crucial that the person or people involved in the process have the necessary ability to deal with a great amount of information, to communicate with people from a wide range of areas and the flexibility to handle unforeseen events.

When beginning the planning and the organization of the event, the promoter should have a clear view of the event’s objectives and which personas they plan to reach with it. Some important questions to ask are:

  • Where does the company want to go with this event?
  • What values does the event unleash for stakeholders?
  • What is unique about the event?
  • Who are the participants and their most pressing demands?
  • What does each of the public segments expect from the event?
  • How can I surprise and at the same time live up to participants’ expectations?
  • Who are the ideal suppliers for the event?
  • There are numerous questions but it is important to consider the main guidelines that you define the mission and value of your event. After having these questions answered, it is to get practical. One of the first things to define is the venue of the event; it needs to offer an appropriate structure, be easy to access and check how much time before the estimated date you need to make a reservation to see if the planned date is available.

    It is necessary to evaluate the time of the year the event will be held because some segments tend to have fairs in similar dates to make traveling easier from other cities and states. After defining this, look for the space and reserve the confirmed date so you can start reinforcing the promotion of the event.

    Try to keep informed about rates, license and extra expenses the exhibitor may have before the date and be clear and transparent when negotiating the venue for your event. No one likes financial surprises after closing a deal. It does not only get in the way of the relationship with your client, it also disturbs the negotiation.

    Be sure to close contracts with reliable suppliers who won’t disappoint you at the moment of your event. Set comfortable delivery dates and be ready to deal with any setbacks that might arise along the way.

    Pay close attention to small details of the event that should be part of the initial planning: this is the best way to avoid undesired setbacks. That being said, if you are thinking of having an event next year, get in touch with us and get more information about our spaces, which go way beyond pavilions, with options like studios for hybrid events and find the right match for your plans. Our schedule for 2021 is already available and our team is ready to help. Visit:

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